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Sugar Detox Experience:

October 31 - November 4, 2023



Are you ready to TRANSFORM your SUGAR ADDICTION!

Are you tired of feeling controlled by your sugar cravings and the constant struggle of feeling bloated, exhausted, brain fog, and ‘HANGRY’ (HUNGRY + ANGER=HANGRY)?

Are you unable to fall asleep and constantly under high stress?

Do you realize how much sugar is sneaking into your snacks and meals?

Do you look at sugary treats and your brain begins to crave sugar and you cannot stop until the entire bag is empty?

OR when you get home you want to eat everything in site?

Are emotionally struggling to lose those last 10 pounds and GET RID of the stubborn fat in your arms and midsection?

If you answered 'YES' then I’ve got your back!

GIVE ME 6 DAYS and I will show you HOW to RELEASE your SUGAR ADDICTIONS, STOP emotional breakdowns and decrease your physical pain by detoxing sugar out of your life!

I have the best treat for you that will help you step out of sugar addiction!


Join the Sugar Experience Today

Oct. 31 - Nov. 4, 2023 at 4 PM EDT (1 PM PDT)

I am going to share health strategies that I use with my patients to reverse their sugar addiction and bring balance back into their life!  

You know what, I was once where you are right now! I was depressed, had horrible menses, exhausted and unable to lose weight no matter what I did.   You know what I was offered? An anti-depressant, a birth control pill and Tylenol with codeine for pain. Yes, this is the truth…..I took none of the above!

I was able to heal my body and so can you! I am forever grateful and I am here to show you the way to healing your sugar cravings… to reverse you sugar addiction and release emotional outbreaks when your blood sugar drops.  

I bet you are you tired of not feeling like your normal self... is hard to wake up in the morning and struggle with mid-day energy crashes?

If you're struggling with sugar addiction, YOU'RE NOT ALONE!!


  • Getting ‘HANGRY’

  • Brain fog

  • Difficulty concentrating

  • Lightheaded and dizzy

  • Struggling to wake up + get out of bed

  • Do not enjoy eating breakfast in the morning

  • Have energy crashes between 2 to 4 PM

  • Tired all the time – cannot seem to get the sleep you need to function

  • Irritability or agitation

  • Extremely low energy

Not feeling like yourself is uncomfortable and interferes with your daily life, but the good news is there are ways to manage and overcome sugar addiction + improve your blood sugar regulation.

It’s time you turn your sugar addiction upside down and get support!


October 31 - November 4, 2023 4 PM EDT (1 PM PDT)
with E-mails Delivered to Your INBOX

I am going to transform your THOUGHTS around SUGAR over the next 5 Days:

  • Learn how sugar addiction is a real addiction and is more addictive than any drug.

  • Sugar gives you an immediate high and then a low, and then your cells crave for more.

  • How insulin stores fat when there's an abundance of sugar in your body, your cells can't use it all up for energy, and the excess glucose is converted into fat.

  • You'll understand blood sugar and its effects on the gut = brain + physical body.

  • Insulin resistance is a condition that affects 4 in 10 adults and can lead to pre-diabetes or even Type 2 diabetes….there are answers and ways to heal!

  • Stop your risk for Alzheimer’s, which is Type 3 diabetes, by learning ways to beat your sugar addiction. Don’t become a statistic.

  • The only solution endocrinologists are providing is medications to lower blood sugar ... but the truth is insulin resistance, pre-diabetes or even diabetes can be healed when caught in the early stages of chronic disease. Please stop saying it is OK to have type 2 diabetes – because it is NOT and it can be prevented! Diabetes is a serious, chronic condition.

So, are you ready to take the first step towards breaking free from your sugar addiction and improving your health?  

Join the Sugar Detox Experience TODAY and start learning the techniques to reverse your sugar addiction and balance your emotions.


Sugar Detox Oct. 31 - Nov. 4 with e-mails delivered to your INBOX

Let me show you how to be ONE STEP closer to figuring out what foods affect your blood sugar + balancing our hunger, energy and cravings by sitting at my table and changing your knowledge around sugar.  

Sugar Detox Experience

Make self-care + health care
YOUR top priority!

Hosted by Dr. Holly Donahue,

Licensed, board-certified Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

Founder of Simple Health by Curá Naturale

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